Google’s John Mueller Cautions Against Keyword-Rich Domains

Keyword-rich domain names have been deemed an effective method to improve a site’s visibility as well as search engine ranking.

There are many reasons keyword-rich domains can hurt a site’s chances of success.

John Mueller from Google Search Advocate responds to Reddit thread. He shares his opinions on domains with exact matching keywords, and why they may be bad.

Mueller on Domains with Exact Match Keywords

Reddit user r/SEO asks whether it is worth paying a large fee to get a domain that contains the keywords they wish to rank for.

Mueller says:

I’m not a big fan of keyword-keyworddomains but YMMV. Random thoughts

Everybody thinks you spammer

It is difficult to change your business focus or expand.

You don’t need a brand name. People can find your website by searching for it. If you are always competing with your site, then you don’t build long-term value.

Mueller does not elaborate, but I will do my best in these sections to understand his thoughts.

1. Spam

Some people might believe that spammy websites have domain names with keywords.

Spammers often manipulate search rankings to attract unwitting website visitors.

Websites with keyword-rich domain names can appear unprofessional or trustworthy, and this could lead to potential customers being turned away.

2. Business Focus

A domain name that contains keywords can help you to focus your business or increase your offering.

For example, if a company with a domain name like “” decides to start selling other athletic gear, it can be challenging to convince customers that the website is a trustworthy source for those products.

A brand domain such as “”, on the other hand, allows the company’s offerings to be expanded while still maintaining its brand identity.

3. No brand name

A domain name that is keyword rich does not have a brand. It acts as a distinctive identifier for customers to remember the business and helps them distinguish it from other businesses.

Websites can easily be confused or forgotten about by other websites, resulting in a loss of reputation and loyalty.

4. There is nothing to search for

The domain is keyword rich, meaning that it’s not possible to search for a business name.

Searching for a company by name is more effective than searching for “running shoes” or another generic keyword.

It is possible for websites with keyword-rich domain names to struggle to find long-term customers who want a particular business name.

5. Always be competitive

Websites with keyword-rich domain names always have a chance to compete with those with similar keywords.

A website that has a distinct brand can create a loyal customer base and keep them coming back to it no matter where they appear in search results.

In summary

Although keyword-rich domains may once have been viewed as a way to improve a site’s visibility and credibility, they could endanger its reputation or hinder its long-term viability.

It can help you build customer loyalty, and increase your company’s growth by creating a strong brand identity.

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Source: Reddit

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