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{{ subscriber.first_name }} today, I’m sharing an advanced technique to help you pick a profitable affiliate program. 

It is also known as Calculating EPC Find out which product you are most likely to make a profit by promoting affiliate products.

To do this, you need to have two data –

  • Clicks
  • Revenue 

It is very easy to calculate.

It would be $1000 in revenue if 1000 people clicked on your affiliate link. This means that every click brought in $1. Note: Although the conversion may be as low as 5% for some, it is still $1 per click.

Video – 3X Affiliate earning by understanding EPC

I do believe this article 👇 is better than the video, but if you like to learn watching videos, check this out –

This is why we need to look at an example.

Here are two similar products, which both offer affiliate programs. 

Comparison of the EPCs for two Affiliate Products Similar

Affiliate program 1 –  40% Commission

Promoting a quality product resulted in 95,997 clicks leading to product pages. The revenue from these 95,997 clicks was $20,177.27. 

  • 94.997 visitors
  • Revenue total = $20,177
  • EPC = $21

You can This free EPC calculator is available to you. You can also check your self.  👈🏻

Affiliate Program 2 – Commission 30%

Image caption

Let’s now calculate the EPC of this alternative product.

  • Number of visitors = 2411
  • The total revenue was $1431
  • EPC = $59.39

Result 😱

This is the case where I am earning 3X with my second program, when I consider revenue per click.

The EPC number is a key to many things.

  • From a revenue standpoint, you can choose the best product.
  • As you can see how much revenue you will generate by scaling up traffic, you could also scale down your paid traffic medium.

A few interesting things to note –

  • You might be tempted to accept a higher commission for a product, but if you look at it from the EPC perspective, you may realize that high revenue does not always mean a better product. An example of this is the 30% affiliate program which made more money than that offering 40%.
  • EPC shouldn’t be used as the sole criterion to decide between programs.
  • To track clicks from affiliates, you should use the sub-id method. This allows you to distinguish between placements. Ex – Blog posts, YouTube, Banner ad. Calculate EPC for every placement.

You don’t see clicks. What do you do?

There are many problems I can have, but there is no data.😉

Since you’re running your own platform, such as WordPress or another blogging platform, data shouldn’t matter to much. All affiliate plugins, such as ThirstyAffiliates and Lasso, allow you to track how many clicks your links receive.

To add these data to your Google Analytics dashboard, you will only need to configure the plugins. This part will be kept for future tutorials.

Do note –

  • Many affiliate software does not offer the necessary data. It is possible to always contact the program manager and request such data.
  • Some affiliate networks like Impact.comIt is a standard feature on most products. This makes our life much easier. Most likely, this is why many products move their affiliate program over to Impact platform.

Ask questions

What is the best way to calculate EPC in a recurring affiliate programme? 🤔

Conclusion – EPC in Affiliate Marketing

Similar to the time you learned about SEO plugins WordPress for the first, this might have changed how you drive traffic. This concept can be applied to your own life, once you’ve learned it. EPC in affiliate marketingThis technique can be used to triple your affiliate income.

How do you calculate EPC for products that you promote? And how can you use this information to increase your affiliate income?

We would love to hear from you in the comment section.

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