Charlie Munger: AI is filled with ‘crazy hype’, and won’t cure cancer

Highlight :

  • Charlie Munger says artificial intelligence is important, but it has been hyped up too much.
  • He said that artificial intelligence was not going to treat cancer. It won’t do all that we desire.
  • However, his Daily Journal newspaper uses AI to produce articles.

Charlie Munger (billionaire investor) said Wednesday artificial intelligence was important, but that it has been inflated.

During a Q&A session at the Daily Journal’s annual meeting He was asked by a reporter about the increase in interest in AI following the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

“Artificial intelligence is very important, but there’s a lot of crazy hype on the subject,” said Munger, who is also Warren Buffett’s business partner and the vice-chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. Artificial intelligence will not cure cancer. “It’s not going do all that we need.”

He said that there is “a lot of stupidity” in the larger conversation about AI. All this artificial intelligence is something I consider a blessing.

Munger pointed out that AI has been used by some people to buy office buildings and insurance underwriting, but it was not a good idea.

Still, Munger’s media outlet, The Daily Journal began to experiment with artificial intelligence for the writing of articles last summer, said an executive talking alongside Munger. He added that it is still far away from being used for more difficult tasks.

Munger used the term “Internet” later to mean the advent of internet, as he considered the effects that AI could have on news businesses.

He said, “We experienced a major disruption in technology that severely affected our publishing company.” And we now have this opportunity. It’s a hard slog.






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