Trump wants Access Hollywood tape banned from E. Jean Carroll trial

  • Trump’s attorneys requested that his Access Hollywood tape be removed from any upcoming trials.
  • E. Jean Carroll, Trump rape accuser is being sued for defamation.
  • Trump’s legal team stated that Trump would not show the tape to jurors.

The former President Donald Trump does not want the jury to be present at the defamation case brought forward by his accuser of rape, in order to hear his famous “grab ’em and the pussy” remarks.

On Thursday, Trump’s attorneys argued in court that the 2005 Access Hollywood tape in which a newlywed Trump bristled about groping women should not be admissible as evidence at an upcoming trial for defamation. Elle columnist E. Jean Carroll was bringing it up.

After Carroll claimed that she had been raped in a Bergdorf Goodman bathroom in the middle of the 1990s, Trump sued Carroll for defamation.

Carroll filed a second lawsuit for claims of defamation and rape last year — both lawsuits have April trial dates and may end up being tried together. In the case of defamation, the request was made to exempt the tape from “Access Hollywood”.

Trump’s lawyers argued in court filings Thursday that the “Access Hollywood” tape “must be precluded”  from trial because it is “irrelevant and highly prejudicial.”

Plaintiff expects defendant to bring this evidence, in order to show that Plaintiff is “predisposed” to commit sexual assault. The lawyers for Trump wrote that Plaintiff’s intention to present this evidence could only serve one purpose. They wanted to show the jury that Defendant is predisposed to sexual assault, and so the alleged incident should have occurred.”

Trump is captured by the hot mic in this tape brag to Billy Bush, host of “Access Hollywood”, In 2005, it was reported that women were being groped without consent. They let you do this. It’s possible to do everything. Trump stated, “Grab ’em by your pussy.”

Trump’s legal team stated Thursday that Carroll’s defamation claim was not even remotely related to the contents of his tape.

Lawyers also asked for a judge’s prohibition of testimony from any witnesses that might make comments on Trump’s alleged sexual assault patterns. Two other Trump accusers were also asked by the lawyers to be barred from testimony, calling them “irrelevant” or “prejudicial.”

They wanted to stop Natasha Stoynoff (author and journalist) from giving testimony. She accused Trump, during a Mar-a-Lago 2005 interview about his one-year anniversary in marriage with Melania Trump, of forcibly kissing him.

A judge was also requested to stop Jessica Leeds’ testimony, which accuses Trump if she kissed and groped her while they were sitting side-by-side in an aircraft in the late 1970s.

Carroll’s attorneys argued that juries at civil sex assault trials have been allowed to hear evidence from previous assault claims by other courts.

Trump denies ever having sexually assaulted any person and dismissed Access Hollywood comments as “locker-room talk”.

Judge Lewis A. Kaplan is currently presided over Trump/Carroll lawsuits but has not yet ruled on the latest filing.

Insider received no comment from Carroll’s lawyer on Friday. Alina Habba, Trump’s attorney, did not respond immediately to our request for comment.

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