Senator Biden tells Biden that he will reduce greenhouse gas regulations on small businesses

Biden was asked recently to repeal a rule increasing the burdensome and expensive greenhouse gas emission requirements for small businesses that compete for federal contracts.

The call came from Joni Ernst of Iowa, the Ranking Member on the Senate Small Business Committee. She wrote an in-depth letter explaining the concerns with the new rule to Biden. It is clear that small businesses face increasing inflation and disruptions in supply chains.

The new rule’s impact on them will cause concern.

The new rule would require them to establish science-based targets for reducing emissions.

Senator Ernst did not hold back in commenting via the Website of the SBC Senate

New Rule’s Costs Significantly Underestimated

New Rule’s Costs ‘Significantly Underestimated’ The concerns of Senator Ernst arise from the total estimated cost of the rule’s implementation for small businesses, which is estimated to total over $103 million in just the first year.

The continuing implementation of the rule beyond the first year would then likely cost over $62 million in subsequent years, though both this and the $103 million estimates are considered to be a ‘significant underestimation’ of the new rule’s total impact on small businesses.

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