AI-Driven Marketing Automation with an emphasis on Earned Media

The field of PR and digital marketing is constantly evolving. Brands find new ways for their audience to be reached and to tell meaningful stories.  Every year, the beginning of a new calendar year is a wonderful time to look at. The trends that will influence how communicators and marketers communicate approach their work in the years ahead.

Consider these emerging trends:

AI-Driven Marketing Automation for the Win

AI-driven marketing automation uses machine learning to automate tasks and improve results. You can use it to personalize content, increase engagement, predict customer behaviour, and identify leads.

AI-driven marketing automation can send a customer an email with discount coupons or free shipping if they signup for your mailing list. This builds trust and encourages customers to come back.

Marketing automation should be a part of your marketing strategy for 2019.

Video Content will be King

As the digital landscape evolves, so does the way we reach our audience. The importance of video content is becoming an important part any marketing campaign. It will only get more so in 2023.

The importance of short video content in any marketing campaign is increasing and this will be even more so by 2023. Joan Siopes is the Marketing Director for Joan Siopes. Short video content has a higher rate of engagement than other social media posts. Herrman and Herrman PLLC.

Earned Media Will Continue to Grow in Importance and Competition

Earned media offers credibility to brands, and provides them with a level of public trust that can’t be found with most other forms of marketing or advertising.

Earned media can be difficult to attract a reporter’s interest with all the other companies competing for it.

Blair Nicole is the CEO and founder of Media Moguls PR. This White label PR company for brands and agencies focuses on developing relationships with media contacts and key editors. These people can spread your story more effectively than paid advertising.

Intelligent Content Creation is a Smart Decision

Intelligent content creation refers to the act of creating relevant content for a particular audience. It can also be combined with other digital marketing strategies such as SEO and social media marketing.

Intelligent content creation is a process of creating content that’s relevant to a specific audience. To do this effectively, you’ll need to know who your target audience is–and then tailor everything from headlines down through images and text accordingly.

Brands that can do this in 2023 will find themselves with more traffic, more engagement, and an overall better customer experience. Chatbot Integration makes it easier.

Chatbots Can Help You Make This Happen

Chatbots were born out of necessity and consumers now expect them to deliver seamless customer experiences on multiple platforms, such as email, social media, search engines, Google, or Bing. Chatbot integration allows businesses to increase their customer base and reduce staff costs.

Real-Time Personalization + Leaning Into Micro-Moments

Real-time personalization happens when you’re able to serve up relevant, targeted messaging based on what a customer is doing right now–such as watching a video or reading an article. These are known as micro-moments.

These micro-moments allow brands to provide a more personalized experience to their customers. You can use these tools to spot trends and predict future behavior as well as find new customers. CEM software should be easy-to-use so you get the most from your data. You can then quickly respond to customers who have a complaint about a product or an order. You might also discover common complaints from customers. This will allow you to quickly identify the areas that need improvement.

In 2023, Technology, Trust and Personalization Will Lead The Way

The emerging trends in digital and PR marketing in 2023 are a transition from traditional models of marketing to ones that incorporate technology and make data-driven marketing decisions. Or brands risk losing out due to the increased competition.

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